Cutting & calibration station - SCR 2500

Cutting and calibration station SCR 2500

SCR 2500 is series single pipe station for cutting & calibration of composite pipe ends. It is used for pipe edge cutting with saw and machining of symmetrical cross-transverse groves with milling operation. These operations are necceesary for preparing the pipes for connection when making gas and oil transportation pipelines, water transportation and sewage treatment.

Cutting and calibration station SCR 2500 Cutting and calibration station SCR 2500

General technical data:

Spindle axis – axis 1

Maximum pipe diameter: 2500mm
Minimum pipe diameter: 300mm
Maximum pipe length: 12 500mm
Maximum pipe weight capacity: 4000 kg

AC motor driven pipe rotation, with speed regulation;

Maximum rotation speed of the pipe rotation: 5 RPM

Tooling – 3 – jaw chucks for inside holding of the pipes during cutting operation


Carriage axis – axis 2

Horizontal carriage stroke: 13 500 mm
Drive system - Manual drive


Cross – traveling axis with working tool – axis 3:

Cross – traveling axis stroke: 1150 mm
Drive system - Manual drive 


Cutting tool unit

AC driving cutting tool: motor spindle 9.2KW
Maximum cutting tools rotation speed: 0 - 2800 RPM
Drive system: trapezoidal screw manual drive
Width of the shaft for cutting tools installation: 400mm


Pneumatic or hydraulic supported Elevator System for holding the pipes during loading/unloading phases
Motor driven elevator system for pipe release phase
Dust Suction Device and duct line



E – Stop reset function
Start and stop function
Feed rate control
Manual mode of operation


Power requirements:

Electricity: 380 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz
Compressed Air: 6 – 8 bar



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