MikroAutomate - online motion and process control for Automated Fiber Placement and Tape Laying (AFP/ATL)

Mikrosam offers software solution for online motion and process control tailored to the specific needs of the automated fiber placement (AFP) and tape laying (ATL) production:

  • provides an intuitive interface over the complete production process;
  • it is adapted to the language of choice by the customer;
  • allows uninterrupted production program running with possibility of simultaneous parameters’ overriding;
  • integrates the functionalities of a modern CNC system, SCADA and Real-Time control into a single, easy-to-use interface.

MikroAutomate has an open-system concept which uses standard, industry-proved and generally accepted packages. This feature of the software adds to its functionality, to the level of machine control, and does not lock the customer to a single machine manufacturer.

In addition, MikroAutomate provides an option to its users, to go a step further and extend their own functionality by integrating their higher-level production management systems with this software.


MikroAutomate provides a complete data tracking method to acquire, store and easily retrieve data on a variety of aspects of the production process and the machine itself. The collected data can be used to:

  • generate reports and inspect history production runs;
  • track the effects of production parameters on the final part;
  • achieve higher quality with less variation on the production process;
  • increase machine’s effective uptime.


MikroAutomate+ - regulating processing parameters




  • control of which tow is being placed,
  • adding cutting pressure
  • tow insertion
  • restart of all tows
  • tow tension metering
  • broken tow monitoring
  • control of which ply is being placed
  • individual segment control
  • tape/protective foil tensioning
  • alarms related to the process: how many plies have been placed, current ply, ply courses
  • which head is active (when having multiple-head solution)

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