We believe that support is an integral part of a successful and long-term relationship with our customer. Once we deliver the machine and have it up and running for you, we are still here to make sure it stays that way. Low customer downtime is a performance indicator that we measure ourselves by, and we work hard to over deliver on the service reliability levels we have agreed to.

To understand support and maintenance is to look at the bigger picture, starting from the conception and following through the running life of the machine. We take a disciplined approach upfront and funnel knowledge and techniques from research and our long experience to drive higher quality into the final product. Our approach to building has been based on open systems and commoditized hardware in part by customer’s desire to stay competitive. Driving quality at every step of the way and providing easy maintenance creates a more productive customer in the long-term.

We provide a single service contact point for all customer communication, and in case of an issue, our goal is to get you as fast as possible to an engineer responsible for your machine. Catering to the international market has given us great experience in how to handle diverse types of communication with care and precision. We are eager to provide consultation on usage and clear up any possible misunderstandings. In the real crucial cases is where we shine. Our team collects all the necessary data on the issue fast, and gets together with other experienced engineers in an urgent service meeting. They analyze and devise a plan of action to immediately correct the situation. We understand that communication is sometimes not enough, and we are always prepared to fly out our team and work with you on site, to implement a solution.


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