Machine CM-10 is a specially designed precision CNC machine with multiple functions, customized according to customer needs. It can precision machine heavy composite rollers up-to 15m in length, using the full capabilities of an advanced CNC lathe. It provides a C-axis control with feedback directly from the spindle, and additional 4-servo axes for complete freedom in automatic machining through standardized G-code. A specially designed head with a powerful spindle motor allows the customer a range of machining options, including sawing, drilling, milling and cutting, with interpolation on all axes. The machine has been designed to be multi-purpose and allow a single operator to perform complex operations such as cutting, coating, shaft processing and machining. With this machine Mikrosam has optimized the production process in order to provide higher productivity for the customer.


Advanced Multifunctional Design
CNC Computer Control System
Standard PC based; WindowsTM, 21’’ LCD display
Standard G-code language
Safety integrated functions in all modes of operation
Easy programming
Multi – language support

Technical data:
Number of Servo CNC controlled axes: 3/4 (three/four)
Number of tool positioning axes: 2 (two)

Working range:
Maximum diameter:        1500 mm*
Maximum length:             15000 mm*
Weight Capacity:              8000 kg

Machining head (spindle) power:                   5.5 kW*
Machining Head (spindle) speed range:        6000-20000 RPM*


Main Functions:
Composite roller surface coating
Composite roller edge cutting
Surface machining
Groove machining

Integrated equipment units:
Slave carriage platform*
Mixing station with Coating Head*
Operator platform
Dust Extraction Unit*
Covers and Protection on all guiding rails and bearings

CoMill – Programming package

*On Customer request


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