Winding ExpertTM is Mikrosam’s in-house developed software solution for creating, editing and simulating filament winding programs. It is user friendly software which allows the composite designer flexibility to create winding programs that will completely fulfill the product requirements. It has the possibility for circumferential (hoop), helical, transitional and other custom defined winding layers and programs. Features for winding path simulation and winding pattern simulation provide the designer with powerful tool for easy and precise creation of the composite parts using filament winding technology.

Winding Expert has a module for export of all necessary data to any Finite Element Analysis (FEA) program, which is necessary for the calculation and analysis of the mechanical properties of the filament winded products.

In Winding Expert there is possibility to create winding programs either for standard axis-symmetric geometries like tubes, vessels and cones, or to import CAD mandrel data from any popular CAD program for complex non-axis symmetric geometries.

Winding Expert  comes with Multilanguage interface.



Winding CommanderTM is specially designed control software for our series of Filament Winding machines. PC based system with latest class CPU running under Windows operating system work parallel with dedicated DSP for smooth, fast and accurate winding process of unlimited program length.

Mikrosam’s Winding Commander control application is the most advanced and feature rich control application for filament winding machines. With the unique graphic interface is easy to learn and operate.

Advanced integrated smoothing function significantly improves dynamics at high productivity rates.
An integrated safety function gives opportunity to resume interrupted winding process from Power Failure or Emergency Stop situations.

Flexible with any machine configuration is ready to meet your challenges even in the most demanding filament winding applications.

Winding Commander comes with multilanguage interface.

Winding CommanderWinding Commander


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