At Mikrosam we’re committed to meeting your technological and commercial needs, to keep you ahead in the marketplace. Our approach is to directly involve every project stakeholder in the design meetings, engineers from automation, mechanics, and software to production managers, sales people and operators. We never treat your problem or your idea as just like another that requires the one size fits all solution. We spend time to understand your precise goals and values on every project. Through this understanding we develop a solution that tries to match your requirements as closely as possible.

We believe to truly come close to the best solution for you we need to communicate extensively and clearly, and progress iteratively until the details and issues are resolved. That is why we have a policy where the customer’s team sits down together with our engineering and production team, discussing technical details and proposals, to come up with the best solution. Most of our customers have remarked that it’s the technical discussions that they enjoyed the most, since they felt that our team had immense technical depth, offered numerous options and was flexible in trying out new ideas.

The technical discussions are just one side of the project, while on the other are your commercial needs. We make a deal only when both parties are truly happy with the proposal. In the process of the proposal we strive to fully understand the commercial needs you can work with. We have a culture of discipline that demands that customer’s deadlines, target costs and competitive issues are taken into account at every step of the project. The contract we sign with you is integral to our success. Communicating our expectations from you and what you can expect from us clearly, then delivering on those expectations is crucial to making both of us successful in the long-term.


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