Automated Fiber Placement (AFP)

Mikrosam has developed an Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) system, which guarantees high productivity rate, flexibility to manufacture flat to highly contour composite structures with precision, at low machine operating cost.

Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) machine
In-house installed laboratory AFP machine available for demonstration, training, testing, prototyping, product/technology development
  • Various machine configurations regarding construction (gantry, column, robotic)
  • Multiple heads and multiple tools
  • Vertical or horizontal Z axis alignment
  • Number of tows (1, 4, 8, 16, 24)
  • Material (thermoset, thermoplastic, dry fiber tows)
  • Tow widths (3.175mm/0.125in, 6.35mm/0.25in, 12.7mm/0.5in or custom defined)
  • Different machine sizes (productive work areas)
  • Bi-directional placement on both concave and convex surfaces with independent control to tow feed rate
  • On-the-fly cutting, clamping and restarting of every single tow
  • Controlled heating and high uniformly distributed compaction force for proper homogenization of all layers
  • Easy access, quick-clean method to maximize the machine’s effective uptime
  • Rotary mandrel axis (optional)
  • Proprietary software solutions:
  • Training for machine operation and maintenance


Special AFP solution – multi-robotic work cell:

A new special product under Mikrosam’s portfolio is the AFP multi-robotic work cell, which provides maximum production flexibility:

Multi-robotic AFP work cell
  • multiple robots simultaneously work on different segments of a given part or multiple parts in a certain environment, multiplying overall production rate
  • intelligently programmed synchronization – certain work part is processed by a robot chosen after load of material, all-robot positioning, tooling access limit is evaluated
  • when one or more robots are not working due to operator’s free will or other factors, other robots are automatically re-organized to perform the pre-assigned job


Application: ducts, fuselages, nozzle cones, fan blades, pressure tanks,…

Mikrosam’s solutions are fully customized and adapted to customer’s specific technical requirements and budget.

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