Mikrosam offers Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) and Automated Tape Laying (ATL) full equipment and software. AFP/ATL heads can be integrated on different machine structures - gantry, column, or a multi-axis articulating robot, thus providing complete solution for the customers (separate AFP or ATL heads that customers wants to integrated on their machine hardware is not scope of supply). 

Automated fiber placement and tape laying (AFP/ATL) are the technologies that for more than two decades have revolutionized the production of composite structures for the aviation and space industry, and nowadays are entering into new industries such as wind energy.

Complex composite structures that have been built manually (using hand lay-up), today are automatically produced using AFP/ATL technologies, resulting in:

  • higher throughput (10-40kg/h)
  • improved composite structure quality through better compaction
  • reduced scrap material
  • reduced labor costs
  • low operator skill level requirements
  • reduced manufacturing time
  • accuracy and repeatability of the production process
  • comprehensive software solutions which allow complex shapes to be programmed quickly
  • continuous improvement in the state of the art

Final parts manufactured by AFP/ATL technologies fully exploit special and non-isotropic composite characteristics due to the freedom these processes give to the designer.


While AFP places multiple individual tows, ATL lays unidirectional tapes or strips of fabric. Both processes apply thermoset, thermoplastic resin-impregnated or dry continuous fibers. However, the choice to be made between the two layup technologies depends on the surface geometry and the manufacturing throughput the customer aims for.

Mikrosam combines its inter-disciplinary expertise in composites and advanced machine production to help you:

  • choose the right process
  • define the most appropriate machine construction
  • incorporate the most advanced equipment and offline programming software in one customized turnkey solution
  • fully exploit your creative composite design capabilities and step-up to a higher level of composite production within a limited budget (solutions affordable to small, medium-scale producers and research institutes)
  • decide between systems that handle various different part sizes and shapes and “part-specific” systems for serial production for limited part sizes and shapes

Mikrosam’s solutions are fully customized and adapted to customer’s specific technical requirements and budget.

Our team would be pleased to hear about your technical challenges and overcome your expectations!

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