Automated filament winding line for LPG, CNG, hydrogen and other types of high pressure vessels

As gas is becoming a more popular source of energy, the demand for storage and transport of the gas is also increasing. One of the way of storage and transport of the gas is by means of composite cylinders, which can meet the requirements for safe and cost effective transport under high pressure. In order to achieve high output production of the composite cylinders Mikrosam offers automated production lines for LPG, CNG, hydrogen and other types of high pressure vessels. Depending on the required yearly capacity output and dimensions of the cylinders, we can design automated production lines starting from 30,000 pieces and up to 1,000,000 pieces per year.

Automated filament winding line for LPG, CNG, hydrogen

Our standard offer includes:

  • Liner loading stations
  • Automatic handling of the liners between the liner loading station, filament winding machine and the curing oven
  • Filament winding machine with very fast winding times
  • State of the art automatic cut & restart system for the fibers (patent pending)
  • Quick-clean resin bath with automatic resin mixing system
  • Fiber creel with different types of tension control and fiber broken detection
  • Efficient curing oven with air-exchange control
  • TCON – Top level control system for supervision and quality control

All of these units are controlled and monitored from our TCON – top level control system, which allows control of the complete manufacturing process from one place. Each of these units can also operate as an independent station.


In cooperation with our world-wide partners we can offer complete turnkey solutions for our end customers. This means that we can deliver blow molding machine, necessary testing equipment, stations for assembling, surface treatment equipment and other auxiliary equipment. Part of our supply is development of the cylinder, which consists of design of the liner and connections, design of the composite and testing, and finally we can offer certification of the high pressure cylinders under required standards (for example EN 14427, EN 12245 etc…).

We meet requirements for even higher automation of the manufacturing process, keeping human intervention at lowest possible level, while increasing throughput and lowering cost per cylinder.

Complete project realization is managed and coordinated from one place, thus giving the customer more time to concentrate on his marketing and sales activities. Contact us to find out how we can realize your plans for sales of LPG, CNG, hydrogen and other high pressure cylinders.


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