Automated Tape Laying (ATL)

Mikrosam has developed an Automated Tape Laying (ATL) systems for flat tape laying (AFTL) and contour tape laying (ACTL) depending on whether the customer aims to produce flat to medium or more contoured laminates. Both ATL systems guarantee high productivity rate, flexibility and precision, at low operating cost.

Patent pending ATL solution developed by Mikrosam

General features: 

  • Various machine configurations regarding construction (gantry, column, robotic) 
  • Multiple heads and multiple tools
  • Vertical or horizontal Z axis alignment
  • Material (unidirectional prepreg, fabric prepreg, film material, dry tape)
  • Patented ATL solution developed by Mikrosam and installed at a world known manufacturer of primary structure parts for the new generation civil airplanes
  • Tape widths (75mm / 3in, 150mm / 6in, 300mm / 12in or custom defined)
  • Different machine sizes (productive work areas)
  • Interpolated dual-knife cutting
  • Individual control of each segment on the pressure shoe
  • Complex shape cuts
  • Controlled heating and high uniformly distributed compaction force for proper homogenization of all layers
  • Rotary mandrel axis (optional)
  • Proprietary software solutions:
  • Training for machine operation and maintenance 

Automated flat tape laying (AFTL) Automated contour tape laying (ACTL)

Automated flat tape laying (AFTL) 

  • simple (flat to medium contoured) shaped, lengthy composite structures
  • final laminates suitable for post hot forming
  • affordable to small- and medium-sized producers at a fraction of the investment contour tape laying (ACTL) machine would require

Automated contour tape laying (ACTL) 

  • contoured composite structures with up to 40° concave angles
  • precise edge of ply and minimum scrap material compared to flat tape laminate (AFTL) machine
  • acceptable ROI to medium- and large-sized producers

Application: empennage, wings, windmill blades,…

Mikrosam’s solutions are fully customized and adapted to customer’s specific technical requirements and budget.

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