We provide the highest technical value to our customers by concentrating on 3 important technology areas that we believe can have the largest impact to help them achieve their goals. These 3 technology areas are motion control and process automation, specialized software development and composites production expertise.

Composites production expertise

composites-production-expertize-1.jpgThink composites! This saying applies just as much to manufacturing as to the design of composites, since efficient production is still the biggest hurdle to developing a composite product. To provide the right solution to producing a composite part, one has to have a deeper understanding of what makes a composite special and different compared to isotropic materials. Our experienced engineering staff has been involved in composite design and production for over 35 years, having produced state-of-the-art products for civil use. This hands-on experience has focused our automation in the right direction to help numerous customers resolve tricky production issues.

composites-production-expertize-2.jpgComposites materials are constantly evolving in their final applications and their production techniques. To provide our customers the right production methods, our research staff has access to a modern laboratory equipped with composite manufacturing machines to produce sample parts and investigate automation possibilities. Combining our understanding of composites with our knowledge in manufacturing automation is the key to providing the right solution to any production process.

Motion control and process automation

motion-process-control-1.jpgControl and automation has been a key area of competence for Mikrosam. We have been investing in this area since the formation of the company, and have built up methods and techniques that allow us to pursue some of the most challenging tasks in our industry. Our ability lies in the energetic engineering team, made from the multiple technical fields that make up mechatronics, to be able to work together on a single, fully integrated product. We put up no barriers between our engineering team and the customer, because we believe extensive communication is always necessary to better understand our customer’s requirements and goals. It is a process that has been praised by our customers on numerous occasions, as they find this is rare and a relief too that the details will be resolved to their needs.

When it comes to picking electrical and mechanical components, unlike our competitors, we have decided to go a different way. Our goal is to use commoditized mechanical parts over special and custom made ones, and use off the shelf electrical automation hardware. All together we strive to build a machine that can easily be maintained over its long lifespan and will not leave the customer questioning how to replace a broken part.

The extension of this philosophy is that when it comes to communication protocols and software platforms, we also make our decisions on how open and extensible they are. We understand that our product is never a piece by itself on the factory floor, nor that its use should be limited by our imagination. That is why we make our machines use open standards of communication and popular platforms. We allow the more advanced end-users, such as research and development laboratories, to be able to build new solutions over it, or allow room for customers in production to deploy customized machine-plant integration. With this philosophy our goal is to make our solution more flexible and easy to maintain.

Specialized software development

specialized-software-development-1.jpgOur software development strategy is to concentrate on applications that will have the most impact to our customers. To evaluate impact we look at the process of work our customers will go through, using our machines, to produce their own product. We identify the critical, time-consuming, and ones that will have the largest effect on the success of their final product, and then we devise a plan to increase their effectiveness through our custom made software. This does not mean we go out and reinvent the wheel on many software parts. We do understand that popular platforms and proven open-system solutions that are in widely accepted use can provide the customer the cost leverage throughout the machines lifecycle. There are still software applications that are necessary for a fully integrated machine, but they cannot justify their immense cost, their nature to be poorly integrated, and the fact that the customer has one more thing to worry about. Being innovative in an ever-changing industry such as the composites industry is another reason we want to take the first steps in providing an effective and tightly integrated software solution to our customers.

specialized-software-development-2.jpgWe take software development seriously. Our team of software developers is composed of people that have worked on high-performance, low-level embedded devices to people that worked on enterprise management software, where high-reliability is a key factor. With over a decade-long programming experience, our team members have built reliable software for industrial needs, with intuitive interfaces. The software we provide is based on specific customer needs, and managed through its complete lifecycle. Our process philosophy is to take a disciplined approach to software development, using time-tested techniques to drive quality into the final product.

As we have a wide-range of customers, with different needs, we have planned from the start to make our software products more modular. We understand that some of our customers are focused on a single solution, with a single end in mind, and for such cases we provide cost-optimized versions of our software, so that they don’t have to bear unnecessary costs. There are cases where additional flexibility is requested by customers who wish to do tighter integration and add their own value to the production process, and we provide them with the means to add their own software components or replace existing ones with ease.


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