R. Macedonia on the map of EuropeDuring the years of Yugoslavia, a modern composites production facility was located at the city of Prilep, Macedonia, the largest in the south-eastern European region that produced advanced composite parts for civil applications and the military. After the peaceful separation of the Republic of Macedonia as its own independent nation, the local industry was broken up and sold off. Mikrosam was formed at that time, as one of the few private companies, with the goal to produce high-technology products and prevent the experienced brain drain of the region. The former chairman of the composites production facility gathered all the top engineers, putting them to work together, in an environment where engineering excellence and positive customer impact would be guides to success.

Prilep on the map of R. MacedoniaMikrosam AD, starting out with a handful of engineers and university professors, decided to enter the composites industry initially as consultants. They started working on design consulting, building electronic components and designing machines for production. The people at the company worked very hard at breaking through in the international market, proving their concept and their ability to meet technological challenges face-on. The initial bet paid-off, and the company experienced success with its know-how and respect from its community. Through its success and expansion, it outgrew its design office in the city of Prilep, and invested in a large production facility aimed at developing sophisticated, specialized machinery. This decision was made to allow it complete control in how a machine is built, from conception to the delivery and the start of production at the customer’s site.

Prilep, MacedoniaThroughout the years, the success of Mikrosam has not been used as blinder, but rather, as a leverage to facilitate local community developments. The company continues to value the place it has chosen as its main headquarters by investing in the educational aspects of its workers and the wider community members. Continual learning and improvement of the company’s employees has been a key factor to reaching such high professional results, and being regarded as a company that outranks many of its US and EU competitors in its technical proposals and customer service. The company has provided back to its community by organizing free and personal educational services for the past 9 years to a selected number of enthusiastic adults through the Mikrosam Academy. The last endeavor was to establish the first private Institute for Advanced Composites and Robotics with the vision to become a center for practical research for the common good of its world-wide community.


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