Mikrosam AcademyThe mission of Mikrosam–Academy is to foster the intellectual and personal development of talented young people through further education and training. Through our assistance in developing the planning skills and strategies necessary for success in the area of technical sciences, we’ll create highly competitive labor force at the global labor market.

The Mikrosam–Academy believes that all talented young people should receive a comprehensive education and that this should include common learning experiences in the area of technical sciences. Opportunities should be provided to explore areas of personal interest and career interests.

Mikrosam AcademyBut what makes us so popular? We are so popular because of modern teaching methods, multimedia education, motivation, self–learning elements, real–life experience etc. Great data base is provided to meet the educational needs of the students, including literature, video materials and additional documentation as much as direct broadcast of lectures held by extraordinary professors from US Universities. Part of concept of our Academy is direct transfer of knowledge with lecturers and presentations held by domestic and foreign well established experts, businessmen and professors, within their visit in the Academy.

Mikrosam AcademyIn pursuit of the right to a high quality education, the Mikrosam–Academy further believes that all people can learn. That's the main reason why the Academy is committed to provide the resources to support its high expectations for academic, social and personal achievement.



Mikrosam–Academy is only a part of the integral Mikrosam's concept for alteration the approach of work, education and thinking, as an imperative for successfully reaching the common goal: Increasing the level of technical-technological growth of The Republic of Macedonia.





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