The PLS-250-2F equipment is designed for single step process of pre-preg making with utilizing hot melt resin systems.

This process connecting the phases of the first stage of resin application on the transfer media (silicon paper) and the second stage impregnation of the fibers or fabrics with the resin film coated silicon paper and curing to the B-stage level.

The main machine data and characteristics are the following:

  • Max Width of Prepreg: up to 1500 mm
  • Process speed: 0 - 5 m/min
  • Process Temperature: 40 -250oC
  • Heating Media: Thermal Oil
  • Cooling Media: Water

PLS-250-2F PLS-250-2F

The plant PLS - 250 – 2F is designed for producing pre-impregnating fibers with hot-melt resin in the following forms:

  • Unidirectional prepreg (UD)
  • Roving prepreg
  • Fabric prepreg

In the process of making prepreg, the plant usually use standard types of reinforcement material (carbon, glass and aramid).


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