Mikrosam offers custom-made prepreg making machines for different applications that would suit the appropriate quantity of prepreg to be produced, and at the same time provide the flexibility for R&D activities for new product development and prototyping.

Tow PrepregExpanding range of reinforcements, resin matrices and improved manufacturing methods, have resulted in prepreg costs going down, consistency in quality, high volume capabilities and ease of processing, which have shifted prepreg application to automotive, marine, wind, sports and leisure, and construction services.

Investment in prepreg machine is not a decision that is exclusively dependent on the cost of investment, but on other factors as well:

  • Strategic – the market to be covered; the prepreg to be produced; production rate; widths to be produced; need for testing and in-house prepreg development.
  • Economic – costs for storing, freezing, tracking prepreg
  • Legal – proprietary prepreg formulacreation and the IP risk of outsourcing

Impregnation lines delivered by Mikrosam are fully custom-made depending on:

  • type of reinforcement: carbon, glass, aramid, hybrid fibers/cloth
  • type of resin (thermoset and thermoplastic)
  • prepreg width
  • production rate
  • application (R&D or industrial)
  • environmental concern
  • final product: tow-preg, unidirectional (UD) prepreg and fabric prepreg

Mikrosam offers prepregging equipment for the most conventional prepreg making systems: solvent and hot melt.

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