Prepreg slitting machines gain popularity as the awareness of slit-tape prepreg performance benefits and application of automated fiber placement and tape laying (AFP/ATL) technology raises in the aerospace, automotive, wind and many other industries.

Complete line with all equipment units and software solutions from one source saves time, makes operation easy and gives the unique chance to have real control on the quality at every point of the production. 


In-house prepreg slitting equipment advantages:

  • comprehensive precision cutting, spooling and rewinding of the slit-tape prepreg
  • economic wise alternative to slitting services outsourcing or slit-tape prepreg spools buying
  • avoid demanding/vetoing export licensing procedures
  • avoid high transportation and storage costs
  • on-demand production
  • long-term investment with a short payback period and high ROI
  • test, develop and apply own prepreg slitting technology
  • make non-standard width prepreg tape with different features adapted to various production needs

Mikrosam offers custom-made prepreg slitting equipment for production of wide width slit-tape prepreg used in ATL, and narrow width slit-tape prepreg machines for production of calibrated slit-tape prepreg used in the automated fiber placement AFP with release film.

All prepreg slitting solutions are affordable not only to large size industry players, but also to small and medium size companies and research institutes. Mikrosam has calculated the cost/benefit ratio of the investment in this equipment, which makes it a must have capacity for all entities who employ AFP/ATL technology in their regular production.

Mikrosam has an in-house installed prepreg slitting machine at its R&D laboratory where it can offer you demonstration, testing, prototyping and help you make a grounded investment decision.

We will be pleased to hear about your technical challenges and offer you optimal manufacturing solution:



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