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Mikrosam AD is located at the idyllic start of the history-rich Pelagonia region. The company has its main headquarters on the outskirts of the city of Prilep, on to the road to Krusevo, a famous historical landmark for Macedonia. The facilities at the main headquarters include the administration and design offices, together with a modern machine production plant and a composites research laboratory. Next to the headquarters is the place where the Institute for Advanced Composites and Robotics has its foundation laid, and it was built.

The engineering team at Mikrosam consists of people with various experiences in the diverse fields needed to produce modern machines. We have electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, software developers, chemical engineers, and a manufacturing group, working together as a single team to produce the final product. This team has doctors of science and university professors, working full time on researching solutions for customers. The team has access to a modern composites research laboratory, where filament winding, pre-preg making and fiber placement technologies are worked on and experiments are conducted. Since composites and automation are constantly evolving fields, we work with our customers on their specific requests, testing out concepts in the lab before they commit to full production.

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