Mikrosam 1The company is primarily export oriented, with a long experience of delivering machines and providing support at the international level, since over 98% of our customers are outside Macedonia. Our customer base is primarily located in developed countries in the European Union, USA, Japan, China, Russia and other places around the world. We currently have successfully built and integrated around 200 production lines, for customers in nearly 40 countries. Since we cater to the international market, we work hard on understanding the localization needs of our customer. That is why we have provided our automation screens, software and documentation in over 8 languages to date, with further requests in progress.

Mikrosam 2The results of Mikrosam’s more than two decades-long commitment to industrial automation in composites can be seen by its machine lineup. The company has produced advanced filament winding machines, pre-preg making machines using thermo-set and thermoplastics, prototype fiber placement machine, customized composites machining centers and integrated manufacturing lines. The technology is just one side of the equation, while the other is the satisfied customer. Mikrosam’s machines keep production lines running at large manufacturing centers, and laboratory machines help researchers discover new composite applications for the common good.

Mikrosam strives to continually refine its abilities, understanding that possibilities are endless and that achieving high customer satisfaction can be very rewarding. Come and talk to us, let us see how we can help you build your success.


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