Our mission is to be world’s leader in producing high quality equipment for composite materials and provide our customers with advanced custom-made solutions, by developing high end technologies, expanding the range of products, developing high business performances, and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers.


Our vision is to be a brand that inspires innovation in:

  • The industry for composite materials, by providing our customers with customized equipment and know-how tailored to their specific needs and technical requirements, offering them innovative composite solutions, optimizing their production, and bringing their business ideas a step ahead of their competitors’
  • Supporting the educational development of our community by organizing leading state of the art educational and development programs
  • The way we treat our employees by encouraging creative thinking and ideas, offering a unique place to develop talent, and providing unconventional working environment where young talents see their future
  • The way we deal with our customers by following the philosophy that “our customers are our best friends and missionaries” and achieving 100% customer satisfaction

Value system

Our values are highly important to us. They allow us to make right decisions and clearly communicate the means through which we work with our customers, suppliers, and the community. Our company values incorporate:

  • Be a place of creation, where we synergize inter-disciplinary fields to produce high-quality products
  • Have self-disciplined people with generous humility, integrity and ambition to succeed
  • Build a collaborative atmosphere where high-level of customer satisfaction is the ultimate bar
  • Provide the community with progressive and practical educational support



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