Filament Winding (FW)

Filament winding is a process for fabricating composite materials in which continuous fibers, either previously impregnated with a matrix material or impregnated during winding, are wound onto a rotating mandrel in a precise, predetermined pattern. In the process, the fibers are inter-weave to form regular laminate, which derives more strength from the fiber than in any other composite technology. High-speed, precise placing of the reinforcement in pre-determinate pattern is the basis of the filament winding process.

During the past twenty years, the filament winding industry has gone through a resurgence based on recently developed high strength fibers, toughened resins, and computerized winding equipment. Mikrosam's experts team, with more than thirty years of experience, are deeply involved in the field of research and development of composite materials and designing & manufacturing state of the art filament winding machines. Modern and advanced equipment and control & software solutions keep our customers up to date with the most current and competitive technologies in the fast growing composites industry.


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